Florida Term Life Insurance Rates - Exploring Your Options  

Florida Term Life Insurance Rates - Exploring Your Options

Florida is an expensive state to buy insurance in. The large number of older people living in the state means that the insurance companies may try to use high premiums for all policyholders to recover their losses. Fortunately, if you shop carefully, you'll be able to get good term life insurance rates, even in Florida. There are a number of things you can do to improve your odds of getting a good quote. Choosing term life insurance is already a smart choice, since it provides the most insurance and best death benefit for the least money. People under 45 who haven't got a lot of cash to spare may find that term life insurance is the smartest choice. Term insurance does only pay the death benefit, so it lacks the cash value found in universal or whole life plans. However, if you're looking to protect your loved ones in case of an accident or illness, term life insurance could be the way to go. (We have compiled a complete Florida Life Insurance guide here).

Term life insurance covers only a certain period of time – usually between five and thirty years. How long a term you get will depend on your individual needs. After the term is up, you'll have to either renew at a different rate, or get a different insurance policy. Term policies with guaranteed renewal avoid the problem of being unable to find other insurance when your term expires. This way, you know you can protect your loved ones from debt in the case of your death. Term insurance can also protect your families finances, providing money for college and living expenses for your children.

Generally, you'll have to pass a medical exam to get the best term life insurance rates in Florida. There are “no-exam” policies, but these have much higher premiums and a lower death benefit. Depending on the policy, you could end up paying more over the life of the plan than your family will get in the event of your death. If you think you can pass a medical exam, you should do so to get the best term life insurance rate. People who don't smoke, drink, or engage in other dangerous habits also have discounts offered to them on most life insurance. Smokers can pay as much as twice what nonsmokers do per month. If you can quit smoking to get a good rate on your Florida term life insurance, do so!

Make sure that you look into the background of any life insurance company you're thinking of signing a policy with. It's important to be able to know that your insurer is financially sound and can be relied upon to take care of your loved ones. Term life insurance doesn't have to be expensive, but know that the lowest rate isn't always the best one. If you shop smart, though, you can get the best plan for your situation. Term life insurance provides you with the best benefit for your money. If you choose wisely, you can get an even better rate, without sacrificing quality.


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