What Is The Best Cheap Travel Insurance With No Excess?  

What Is The Best Cheap Travel Insurance With No Excess?

When you go abroad, one of the things that's easy to forget is travel insurance. After all, no one wants to plan for the worst to happen. However, if something bad does happen, it's important to make sure you stay protected. Travel insurance is available to guard you against all kinds of mishaps, from loss of money due to delayed or canceled flights, to medical problems, and everything in between. If your luggage is destroyed or lost, you can get travel insurance to reimburse you for the items you've lost. You can even get travel insurance that will cover your loss of income due to extended and delayed travel.

Most travel insurance comes with an excess. This is the amount of money that you must pay out of pocket before the insurance company will begin reimbursing you for your losses. It is possible to get travel insurance with no excess, but the insurance company will usually charge more for the privilege. This is because they are trying to protect their investment, hoping that they will not have to pay out more than they have to in case of a claim. They may also restrict the types of things that you may insure or place a claim on. However, if you're careful, you can still get good travel insurance without paying a whole lot, and without having an excess.

For many types of travel insurance, such as hospital benefits and delayed departure insurance, you can find a policy that will not require any excess. These policies do not need any additional deposit or fee to avoid excess. In other cases, such as cancellation or loss of personal belongings, most insurance companies have an excess. If you are willing to pay a deposit or additional fee, which varies by company, you can waive this excess. Choose the items you want to waive the excess on carefully. If you waive it on too many, you may find the fees mounting up over the amount you are trying to save. If you have some insured items that retain an excess, look for policies that will combine the amount you pay into one maximum excess fee. This way, you won't be paying the same amount over and over again. Excess on medical payments may be counted differently than excess on property. Even if your travel insurance provider is willing to waive the excess on some things, they may not be willing to do so on medical fees.

If you're a member in some clubs, you may be eligible to get no excess insurance for a reduced rate. You'll also be able to find the best travel insurance that doesn't make you pay an excess fee by shopping around. Ask your insurance broker if they have any policies they would recommend. As with all insurance policies, taking the first one usually results in getting higher fees. If you know what's available, you'll have a better chance of making a good choice.



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