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Balboa Renters Insurance - A Review of Balboa Renters Insurance

Since 2003, Balboa Insurance Group has been offering renters insurance through independent agents and brokers. Before that, this insurance was offered only through financial institutions. Balboa renters insurance offers a number of excellent features to help protect your belongings while you're a tenant. And you can get an online quote in seconds!

Balboa renters insurance offer personal property protection that will replace most of your belongings at cost. It covers a number of different types of loss. These include fire, windstorm, burglary, riots, and other causes. If you live in California, you can even purchase earthquake coverage.

Balboa also offers personal liability coverage through its renters insurance. This is one area we don't often think of when we consider renters insurance. However, if someone is hurt or their possessions damaged in your home, you could be found liable in a lawsuit for replacement costs or medical bills. Therefore, it's a good idea to have liability coverage. Balboa offers up to $100,000 of coverage for this kind of claim.

If the accident that claims your property also makes your residence uninhabitable, Balboa will help you cover your additional living expenses. This means that they will help you buy hotel space or other living needs while your residence is repaired or while you look for a new one.

Of course, coverage of your personal possessions is one of the big reasons that most people get renters insurance. The coverage offered by Balboa is for up to $40,000 – more than enough for most people. The average American owns around $20,000 of personal possessions, including electronics, kitchen appliances, computers and clothing. Renters insurance is a great way to make sure that you'll be able to keep on living the way you're accustomed to, even if the worst happens.

Other features of Balboa renters insurance include an easy application online – you can complete the entire application in five minutes or less! For the first fifteen days, you have a no-obligation look period. As long as you don't file a claim, you can opt out of your renters insurance with no fees before day 15. There is no underwriting, meaning that you won't be inspected as a prospective policyholder and turned down.

Renters insurance is affordable, too. Most plans come to less than $200 per year. Balboa's renters insurance can be had for as little as fifty-six cents per day. If you can't pay the entire yearly cost of your renters insurance at once, you can set up monthly payments via your credit or debit card, or your checking account. These are all reasons why you should choose Balboa renters insurance. Staying insured is smart, and Balboa has been providing insurance to renters for many years. It's easy to apply for and easy to afford, too. Choose an industry leader to cover your possessions, and sleep well at night, knowing you won't have to worry about replacing them.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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