Arizona Elder Care - An Overview of Elder Care and Nursing Homes in Arizona  

Arizona Elder Care - An Overview of Elder Care and Nursing Homes in Arizona

When we grow older, there is a possibility that we will lose some of our abilities and become unable to take care of ourselves as well as we once did. When this happens, one of the most common solutions is some kind of long term care. Long term care can include home care by a friend, relative, or medical professional, assisted living, adult day facility care, or the more familiar nursing home. All of these kinds of care are available in Arizona, though your long term care insurance may only cover some of them.

Prices for long term elder care can be very expensive. The average nursing home in the United States today costs $50,000 per year. Fortunately, Arizona is among the states which restricts elder care facilities and insurers from using genetic information to raise premiums on most kinds of insurance and care. This means that your nursing home or life and disability insurance company cannot charge you more if diabetes or other diseases run in your family. However, long term care insurance is not covered under this restriction, although the law does require that the insurer inform their policyholders if they are using genetic information.

If you are a low income individual in Arizona who needs some kind of long term care, you may be able to be covered by the Arizona Long Term Care System. This is a program for people over 65, or people who are blind or otherwise disabled and need ongoing nursing facility services. It is not necessary that program participants live in a nursing home, however. Many members of the ALTCS live in their own homes or in assisted living facilities, and receive in home services as needed. Medical care, including doctor's visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, lab work, and behavioral health services, is covered under this program. You may participate in the ALTCS program if you have a lower income than $1,869 per month, or an approved income-only trust. Most participants must also have fewer resources (bank accounts, stocks, etc.) than $2000. Sixty-eight percent of people over the age of 65 have a chance of becoming disabled in at least two activities of their daily living, or of becoming cognitively impaired as they age.

People who do not qualify for this program may be eligible for one of Arizona's other low or no cost medical coverage programs for Arizona seniors, which may reduce nursing and other long term care expenses. Seniors who are out of these income brackets must rely on their own funds or on long term care insurance to take care of them. No matter what means is used to pay for the services, Arizona's elder care network is extensive, and some solution exists for everyone's needs. Whether you or a loved one require full residency in an assisted living community or nursing home, or only the services of an occasional nurse visit, there is an option for you. If you or a loved one will soon be in need of elder care, begin planning for this eventuality now, so that things will be in place when long term care becomes necessary.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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